Zeitgeist Privacy Ubuntu

Zeitgeist Privacy Ubuntu

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Controlling Privacy Setting in Ubuntu with Gnome Activity ...


How to remove Zeitgeist in Ubuntu and why | Linuxaria

    Remove Zeitgeist from your Ubuntu. As first thing discover which Zeitgeist packages are installed on your system with: oot @ xubuntu-home: ... (see privacy manager) For power users who have a structred work flow zeitgeist is not …

What is zeitgeist used for? - Ask Ubuntu

    Zeitgeist is a German word meaning approximately: "the spirit of the times" reference. In the context of Ubuntu, it is a software package that remembers your activities to try and assist in narrowing down what you want to do without having to tell the computer as explicitly. It is no more associated with the movie "Zeitgeist" than Hollywood is associated with the production …

Disable Zeitgeist in Ubuntu 16, 17 - NIXAID.COM

    To do this, start the "Security & Privacy" unity-control-center activity-log-manager Go to All Settings -> Security & Privacy -> Files & Applications untick Record file and application usage. Securely remove the data under ~/.local/share/zeitgeist $ find ~/.local/share/zeitgeist/ -type f -exec shred -uvz '{}' \; Now you can disable Zeitgeist services

Disabling Zeitgeist - Ask Ubuntu

    It prevents Zeitgeist from running at startup, but in my case (Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS) it started later somehow (perhaps as a result of some DBus activity). If you'd like to keep Zeitgeist installed, but prevent it from running, try renaming its executables:

Newest 'zeitgeist' Questions - Page 2 - Ask Ubuntu

    With Zeitgeist now tracking everything I really think we need a privacy mode like the one Firefox offers. There is a ridiculous amount of history and caches being stored in Ubuntu from thumbnails to ...

'zeitgeist-fts' always using a lot of memory! - Ask Ubuntu

    Open Privacy settings and turn off Record Activity. Last but not least, remove the execution bits to prevent application from running. From a terminal (CTRL+ALT+T) sudo chmod -x /usr/bin/zeitgeist-daemon sudo chmod -x /usr/bin/zeitgeist-datahub sudo chmod -x /usr/lib/zeitgeist/zeitgeist-fts

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