Yoga Journal Power Source

Yoga Journal Power Source

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Power Source - Yoga Journal
    In Ayurveda, cordyceps is classified as a rasayana herb, an herb that is rejuvenating to prana. It supports the endocrine system, nourishing the adrenal and reproductive glands. It also generates shukra, or reproductive fluids, such as semen and vaginal fluids, and restores weakened sexual function. Cordyceps is a useful remedy for asthma due ...

The Power of Being Grounded - Yoga Journal
    How to use grounding in your mindfulness practice. In discussing the six modes of consciousness—the eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, and mind—Buddhist scholar Andrew Olendzki explained, “The first step in establishing mindfulness is to switch over to channel five, the stream of tactile bodily sensations, which serves to disrupt the tyranny ...

Yoga Poses, Sequences, Philosophy, & Events - Yoga …
    Yoga Journal is your source for yoga pose instruction, sequences, free video classes, guided meditations, and information on the yogic lifestyle.

7 of the Best Yoga Journals: Master Your Practice Page …

Yoga Poses Increase Subjective Energy and State Self ...
    The present study investigated the effects of yoga poses on subjective sense of energy and self-esteem. The effects of yoga postures were compared to the effects of ‘power poses,’ which arguably increase the sense of power and self-confidence due to their association with interpersonal dominance ( Carney et al., 2010 ).

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