Qing Dynastay Journals

Qing Dynastay Journals

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China Qing Dynasty - Articles - Scientific Research …

    The Influence of Social Thought on the Connotation of Traditional Filial Piety during Guangxu Period of Qing Dynasty. Ruoxi Li. Open Access Library Journal Vol.6 No.12,December 30, 2019 DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1105945 108 Downloads 190 Views

and Community Structures of Qing Dynasty China

    VOL. 46, No. 1 JOURNAL OF ASIAN STUDIES FEBRUARY 1987 Widows in the Kinship, Class, and Community Structures of Qing Dynasty China SUSAN MANN I n 1934 Liu Jihua, a classically trained feminist at Yanjing University, published an article on the history of the concept of chastity in China. Meticulously doc-

Food Riots in the Qing Dynasty | The Journal of Asian ...

    Qingshilu jingji ziliao jiyao [A selection of economic materials from the veritable records of the Qing dynasty]. 1959. Edited by Lishixi, Nankai daxue. Beijing: Zhonghua. Google Scholar Atsushi, Shigeta. 1975. “Shinsho ni okeru Konan komeshiyō no ichi kōsatsu” [An examination of the early Qing rice market in Hunan].


    Yingcong Dai also published several articles on the topic, “ The Qing State, Merchants, and the Military Labor Force in the Jinchuan Campaigns,” Late Imperial China 22.2 (December, 2001), 35 – 90 Google Scholar, “ Yingyun Shengxi: Military Entrepreneurship in the High Qing Period: 1700–1800,” Late Imperial China 26.2 (December, 2005), 1 – 67 Google …

Text Analysis and Visualization Research on the Hetu ...

    In this study, we use the historical documents of the Qing Dynasty Hetu Dangse,preserved in the Archives of Liaoning Province, as data analysis samples. China’s Hetu Dangse is the largest Qing Dynasty thematic archive with Manchu and Chinese characters in …

The Qing Challenge in Chosŏn Korea

    Qing evolved into the Qing dynasty of China in 1644 and became a legitimate successor to the demised Ming dynasty, Chosŏn was pushed into a very awkward situation in the traditional “civilized versus barbarian” dichotomy in the Confucian world: on the one

The Fall of the Qing, 1840-1912 - Chinese Studies - Oxford ...

    Both the Qing dynasty and the 1840–1912 periods are often viewed as the beginning of modern China. Either way, the implication is that modern China is a continuing process, giving rise to numerous studies of 20th-century China that devote substantial treatment of the pre-1912 era. Fairbank, John K., ed. The Cambridge History of China.

Qing Dynasty - HISTORY

    The Qing Dynasty was the final imperial dynasty in China, lasting from 1644 to 1912. It was an era noted for its initial prosperity and tumultuous final years, and for being only the second time ...

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