Miscellaneous Revenue Journal Entry

Miscellaneous Revenue Journal Entry

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Miscellaneous Expense Journal Entry | Example - Accountinguide


Miscellaneous Expense Journal Entry | Example - …

    Miscellaneous expense is an expense account, in which its normal balance is on the debit side. Likewise, after this journal entry, the total expenses on the income statement will increase while the total assets on the balance sheet will decrease by the same amount.

How Do I Record Miscellaneous Revenue

    If, for example, your company has a Miscellaneous Revenue account numbered 811.00, you can record miscellaneous revenue that is not project-related by using either of the following procedures in Transaction Center > Transaction Entry : Make a Cash Receipt transaction to account 811.00. This posts a debit to the applicable cash account and a credit to account 811.00.

What is the journal entry for paid miscellaneous expenses ...

    Answer (1 of 4): Miscellaneous Expenses A/c_Dr To Cash A/c (Being miscellaneous expenses paid) Reason : Miscellaneous Expenses Account is debited because it increases the balance of Miscellaneous Expenses(Expenses) Account and Cash Account is credited because it decreases the balance of Cash(A...


    Accounting Treatment of Miscellaneous Incomes. a) In case of receipt of income in cash or by cheque:-Type of voucher to be prepared:-Receipt Voucher. Entry to be made. Debit:-Cash Account. or. Bank Account. Credit:-Miscellaneous Incomes Account. b) In case of income earned but not received:-Type of Voucher to prepare:-Journal Voucher. Entry to be made

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