Mdrf Livejournal

Mdrf Livejournal

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LiveJournal - mdrf
    mdrf - the new blog in LiveJournal. There should be new interesting records soon.

Maryland Renaissance Friends of Faire — LiveJournal
    The Maryland Faerie Festival is coming with a variety of fantastic and wonderful vendors, artists, bands and activities, and all we need to fill the grove are magical, mischevious and enchanted …

Lumpy's Laments — LiveJournal
    mdrf_lumpy —. Subscribe Readability

Maryland Faire — LiveJournal
    Maryland Faire — LiveJournal Maryland Faire dreamtigress August 24th, 2011, 11:11 am Tiger Torre Art - looking forward to the season ! We have so many amazing, lovely pieces for this Faire season, including a new dragon design, new metallic finishes, some awesome codpieces, and the new Caper pattern.

skivee — LiveJournal
    The final weeks of MDRF were on the whole substantially more pleasant than the beginning weekends. We had relatively few hurricanes and only a few violent thunderstorms. The most vexing problem we faced throughout the season was the repeated failure of the sound system on the White Hart stage.

New York Faerie Festival...better late than ... - LiveJournal
    The weekend had two major highlights for Jared and I. The first was the joust. I was pleased to learn that Kate's companion and lead Knight of the jousting troop was my old friend Rob Earhart, whom I haven't seen in a long time. Rob wasn't aware that he was a BOG Brother, as he Marched with us at MDRF before BOG was officially formed.

Courage and Kindness — LiveJournal
    The doctor is happy with me! My AIC is 5.8. The goal is to keep it under 6.5. My lower number on the blood pressure is a little high. Got chastised for my salt addiction.

::Welcome to Mdrf::
    Welcome to MDRF! The MDRF is an autonomous, non-profitable, R&D organization, recognized by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Govt. of India. MDRF is affiliated to both the University of Madras and the Tamilnadu Dr. MGR Medical University, Chennai for offering Ph.D programs under the supervision of independent scientists.

Dude! Joe's Jottings, Mostly Junk — LiveJournal
    One of the common questions asked is why haven't the "moderate" Middle Eastern governments taken a harder stance against ISIS. Even Turkey, a NATO ally, kept the border rather porous for individuals to cross and join with ISIS, and resisted letting us use our own air strips within their country for strikes against them until the nutcases crossed the border to harass the …

Maryland Renaissance Festival – Revel Grove
    Maryland Renaissance Festival is held in Crownsville, Maryland. It is the second largest renaissance festival in the United States. It is set in a fictional English village named Revel Grove of 16th-century. It opens in the last weekend of August and runs for nine weekends. Join us.

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