Lysozyme Journal

Lysozyme Journal

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Lysozyme - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics
    Lysozyme is a 15 kDa single-chain protein (Shah, 2000). Lysozyme inactivates bacteria via hydrolysis of glucosidic linkages in the peptidoglycan of cell walls. Specifically, lysozyme hydrolyses β-1,4 linkages between N-acetylmuramic acid and 2-acetyl-amino-2-deoxy-D-glucose residues in bacterial cell walls, resulting in cell lysis (Shah, 2000).

Lysozyme - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics
    Lysozyme is an enzyme that is able to lyse bacterial cell membranes and thus serve as an antimicrobial agent in foods. Lysozyme occurs naturally in egg white, but the purified enzyme is used on occasion as an additive in other foods, especially soft cheeses.

Lysozyme | ScienceDirect
    The papers explore the chemistry and structure of lysozymes, their interactions with substrates and inhibitors, and distribution in tissues. Changes associated with various disease states are also discussed, along with evidence indicating that lysozyme may significantly alter certain mammalian cell constituents.

Lysozyme as an alternative to growth promoting …
    Lysozyme is a naturally occurring enzyme found in bodily secretions such as tears, saliva, and milk. It functions as an antimicrobial agent by cleaving the peptidoglycan component of bacterial cell walls, which leads to cell death. Antibiotics are also antimicrobials and have been fed at subtherapeutic levels to swine as growth promoters.

Egg-white lysozyme as a food preservative: an overview ...
    Weaver, G.L. and Kroger, M. (1978) Lysozyme activity of high-leucocyte-count milk and the effect of heat and potassium dichromate on lysozyme activity. Journal of Dairy Science 61 : 1089 – 1092 CrossRef Google Scholar PubMed

ERIC - EJ824933 - Lysozyme Thermal Denaturation and Self ...
    Students present their results in a peer reviewed, journal-style report and, using the data from the entire class, must determine the dependence of the lysozyme second virial coefficient and unfolding enthalpies on pH and ionic strength.

Kinetic and Thermodynamic Studies of Lysozyme …
    The adsorption characteristics of lysozyme onto the dye ligand affinity nanofiber membrane (namely P-EDA-Dye) were investigated under various conditions (e.g., adsorption pH, EDA coupling concentration, lysozyme concentration, ionic strength, and temperature).

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