Lyrics Live Journal Icons

Lyrics Live Journal Icons

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Lyrics Icons — LiveJournal
    I'm back on my mission to icon every Brand New song for my icon community grandthefticons , so here are 23 icons with lyrics from "OK, I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don't" from the album Deja Entendu. Preview: ---} see all 23 @ my icon community {--- PLEASE take and enjoy! Comments and credit are love, not mandatory.

Lyric Icons — LiveJournal
    Icons With Lyrics In Them.... duh! LiveJournal. Find more. Your 2021 in LJ; Communities; RSS Reader; Shop

Lyrics for Icons — LiveJournal
    lyricsforicons - the new blog in LiveJournal. There should be new interesting records soon.

Icon By Lyric - Icon Challenge — LiveJournal
    For all songs, please make a title icon, as well as one band icon. FULL SONG/VERSE OR CHORUS RULES In order to do a full song claim, you must use at least 90% of the words so that when you read the icons in the table, it's more or less like reading the lyrics to the song. (Approximate percentage, but we'll be able to tell you did it wrong if ...

One Song, Two Weeks, Ten Lyrical Icons — LiveJournal
    Username: icon_jester Subject: James T. Kirk Fandom: Star Trek Lyrics: Written in the Stars - Tinie Tempah ft. Eric Turner Set: N/A Credits: Textures: saava, urbanstrokes, reve_lucide, Brushes: Evenstar Critiques: Sure Teasers: …

ICONS: VARIOUS SONG LYRICS: starlit_grphcs — LiveJournal
    LYRICS ICONS 01-05 Queen 06-10 Kelly Clarkson, Thankful album 11-20 Clay Aiken, Measure of a Man album 21-30 Misc. Artists [*specific songs are listed at the bottom] RULES + no hotlinking + please credit katshakespeare if you use one of my icons …

LiveJournal - LtheMilkEater's Lyric Dumping Community-Now ...
    Well, haven't posted here at all in a while. I got off my butt after not iconning anything for a while and made all these Yuuki Asaba icons because I wanted to fill out my Yuuki RP account, even though I'd probably never use it, because finding Kimi to Boku anime icons seems next to impossible at the moment.

Goldfrapp icons — LiveJournal
    goldfrapp_icons - the new blog in LiveJournal. There should be new interesting records soon.?? LiveJournal. Find more. Your 2020 in LJ ... I was wondering if any of you who make icons could please make me an icon from the new A&E video. The part I would like made into a 200 x 200 pixel animation is 55 seconds -1:03 minutes. ... - lyrics: eels ...

Rock_me_icons — LiveJournal
    Hi everyone, Just thought i'd inform you all of my username change! No longer am i called x_labrat i am now bexenstein !So if you have me credited as x_labrat rather than rock_me_icons please change to bexenstein . Also i apologise for the lack of updates, i have no excuse! but i promise i'll get on it as soon as i can and upload some new stuff for you all!!!

Beyblade icons — LiveJournal
    beyblade_icons - the new blog in LiveJournal. There should be new interesting records soon.

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