Lydia Knight Journal

Lydia Knight Journal

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Knight Lydia Journal -
    LYDIA K~GHT'S . HISTORY.· L . THE FIRST BOOK OF THE · ~OBLE WOME~S LIVES SE~ES. B-Y cc~O~ESJ?U'N .'"" JUVENILE INSTRUCTOR OFFICE, Salt Lake . City, Utah. 1883. ., r PREFACE . THE growing demand for our own literature among the youth of this people has induced us . to undertake the publication of a new series of

Lydia Goldthwaite Bailey Knight Dalton McClellan
    Principal Sources •Newel Knight’s Journal (Allen version) –written in relevant part 1835-1847. Most of the Journal was later published in 2019 by BYU under the Title, The Rise of the Latter-day Saints, edited by M. H. MacKay & Wm. G. Hartley. •Lydia Knight’s History –written by Susa Young Gates under the pseudonym

Collection: Lydia G. Knight genealogical records and ...
    Lydia Goldthwaite Bailey Knight was a Mormon woman from Massachusetts, wife of Newel Knight, plural wife, and worker in Mormon temples. She was born on June 9, 1812, in Sutton, Worcester County, Massachusetts, one of twelve children to Jessse Goldthwaite, her father. In 1828, she married Calvin Bailey, but he left her three years later.

Newel and Lydia Bailey Knight’s Kirtland Love Story and ...
    Lydia Knight’s History, 29. Sally Goldthwaite to Dear Lydia, January 10, 1836, in “Letters and Papers of Lydia Knight and Newel Knight,” 3–4. Four separate genealogy searches in a dozen states have not found local records of Lydia and Calvin’s marriage and of Calvin’s death.

Lydia Knight: ‘God Rules’ Was Her Motto
    Lydia Knight: When Newel Knight met her, she was twenty-three—a lovely young woman who was boarding with Hyrum Smith and helping Hyrum’s wife with the housework. Newel had just come from presiding over the Colesville Branch, whose members had been driven out of their homes in Jackson County. His wife had died in the persecutions.

Joseph Knight Family Organization
    Lydia Knight's History: The First Book of the Noble Women's Lives Series By "Homespun," a pen name for Susa Young Gates. Published 1883 by the Juvenile Instructor's Office in Salt Lake City. Gates wrote this biography after interviewing Lydia in the last years of her life, and it covers her childhood through her later years.

Lydia Goldthwaite McClellan – Biography
    JS, Journal, 24 Nov. 1835; Hartley, Stand by My Servant Joseph, 223; “Knight, Lydia Goldthwait,” in Jenson, LDS Biographical Encyclopedia, 2:776. Comprehensive Works Cited Hartley, William G. Stand by My Servant Joseph: The Story of the Joseph Knight Family and the Restoration.

Lydia Joyce Knight | Obituaries |
    Lydia Joyce Knight, 32, passed away at Truman Medical Center on Wednesday, December 8, 2021. The funeral service will be at 11:00 a.m. on December 20, 2021, at the Louisburg United Methodist Church at 249 N. Metcalf Road, Louisburg, KS 66053. Lydia was born in Hutchison, KS on February 6, 1989. She ...

Newel Knight — Latter Day Light
    (Journal of Newel Knight) On November 24, 1835 Newel was married to Lydia Goldthwaite in Kirtland, Ohio. It was the first wedding performed by the Prophet Joseph.

Newel Knight | Doctrine and Covenants Central
    Knight, “Newel Knight’s Journal,” p. 53. 5. Ibid, p. 94. 6. Ibid., ... 10. Susa Young Gates, Lydia Knight’s History (Salt Lake City: Juvenile Instructor Office, 1883), pp. 71-72. Additional Resources. Biography of Newel Knight ( KnoWhy #595 – How Was the Joseph Knight Family Important to Bringing Forth the Book ...

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