Luke Noah Livejournal

Luke Noah Livejournal

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Luke Noah — LiveJournal
    We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

Right Here *Luke/Noah FanFic*: lucianolover — LiveJournal
    Luke leans away from Noah and glances into Noah’s soft blue eyes. Those eyes that say so much as Noah silently caresses Luke. Luke sighs and leans his head into Noah’s right hand as his right hand plays with a lock of Noah’s dark hair. The two men just stand there caressing each other for another five minutes.

Noah-n-Luke — LiveJournal
    noah_luvs_luke —. Subscribe Readability

Luke and Reid Do L.A.: noah_who — LiveJournal
    Luke missed him, he didn’t have a lot of friends left in Oakdale. Being with Reid was amazing, and Luke had never been so happy. It had only reinforced what Luke had told Noah before he left – he and Noah just didn’t work as a couple, they never had, but Luke missed his friend and hoped Noah had come around since then.

noah - LiveJournal
    noah in communities. NUKE LOVER: LiveJournal's first "As the World Turns" Luke/Noah appreciation community! A community for the Luke/Noah pairing on As the World Turns. A non-wanky place for people to come and appreciate Puckerone and his various conquests. Our love for Emma Watson/Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Fic: noah_who — LiveJournal
    Noah’s about to reply when Will calls out. “Luke!”. He leans down and whispers to Hallie, and she runs over to Luke and gives his legs a big hug. Luke sweeps Hallie up into his arms, a huge smile on his face. He greets them all excitedly, and as Maddie hugs him, she realizes it’s been far too long since she’s seen him.

Fic: noah_who — LiveJournal
    “Luke and Noah are right for each other,” declared Alison firmly. “Noah? When Luke was with Noah, we used to see a lot of him here, and he was always sad or upset—definitely not happy,” Becca said. “Yeah, remember all those weeks Luke spent by Noah’s side when Noah became blind? Noah never uttered a word of gratitude.

Crash and Burn, Part 3: random_nic — LiveJournal
    Luke sat by Noah’s bedside clutching his hand, trying to process all that had happened. Reid, dead. Noah, unconscious. And Luke himself had nearly died in the fire. To recover from the smoke inhalation, the doctors had prescribed oxygen and fluids for both boys, who seemed otherwise uninjured. Yet, Noah hadn’t woken up.

Where the Nuke is — LiveJournal
    This just means Luke has his way with Noah, torturing him by withholding all contact for certain amounts of time when Noah grips the sheets and stuff. It ends with Luke riding Noah and telling Noah to come, and Noah practically seizes in half. I remember much less about this one: Maddie never interrupts Luke and Noah after the swimming run-in.

Fic: noah_who — LiveJournal
    Luke shudders, and it contracts once, twice. The head of Reid’s cock presses more firmly against it, and Luke’s asshole starts to swallow him in. “It’s so eager,” Reid continues. “Always wants to be fucked.”. He pulls back and out, watches the muscle grasp at him, trying to keep him deep, home. “It’s so hot for me.”.

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