Lucy Stone Womens Journal

Lucy Stone Womens Journal

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Lucy Stone - Boston Women’s Heritage Trail
    As the founder and editor of the Woman’s Journal, the newspaper of the American Woman Suffrage Association (AWSA), which Lucy Stone co-founded, she located the Journal offices in the shadow of the Massachusetts State House where she and her colleagues would have ready access to legislators.

Woman's Journal | American periodical | Britannica
    Woman’s Journal, American weekly suffragist periodical, first published on January 8, 1870, by Lucy Stone and her husband, Henry Blackwell, to address a broad segment of middle-class female society interested in women’s rights. As an official publication of the American Woman Suffrage Association

The Woman's Journal and Woman's Journal and Suffrage News
    Edited by Julia Ward Howe, Lucy Stone, Thomas Wentworth Higginson, and others, "The Woman's Journal" was published in Boston from 1870 until 1917. From July 2, 1910-Oct. 12, 1912 it was the official organ of the National American Woman Suffrage Association.

Women’s Journal - Welcome to the Boston Literary District
    The Journal released its first issue on January 8 th, 1870. It was begun by Lucy Stone and her husband, as well as former Agitator editor Mary A. Livermore, suffragist and poet Julia Ward Howe, and Higginson, who was known largely as an abolitionist. Stone had worked for some years to put herself through Oberlin College, then the only institution of higher education that would …

Lucy Stone | National Women's History Museum
    Stone edited the AWSA publication, the Woman’s Journal. In 1879, Stone registered to vote in Massachusetts, since the state allowed women’s suffrage in some local elections, but she was removed from the rolls because she did not use her husband’s surname.

Stone, Lucy - National Women’s Hall of Fame
    Lucy Stone and her husband founded and edited the organization’s weekly newspaper, The Woman’s Journal, which was considered “the voice of the woman’s movement.” Lucy Stone spent her lifetime battling for women’s rights and inspiring others to join her cause.

Lucy Stone - Women's Rights National Historical Park …
    Lucy Stone and Julia Ward Howe led others to form the American Woman Suffrage Association, which chose to focus on state suffrage amendments. By 1871 Stone had helped organize the publication of The Woman’s Journal and was co-editing the newspaper with her husband Henry Blackwell.

Lucy Stone and her husband Henry Blackwell · McKay Library ...
    Lucy Stone continued her efforts throughout the remainder of her life, one of the most influential of her contributions was the founding of The Women’s Journal, the “voice of the woman’s movement.” Lucy and her husband served as editors for the journal after Mary Livermore had served as editor for two years.

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