Lucky Labels Livejournal

Lucky Labels Livejournal

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LUCKYLABELS. — LiveJournal
    Lull [Castle/Beckett] lull. A quiet moment in the hamptons, just castle and beckett and the still dark of night time. castle/beckett - nc-17. a/n: Posting this at almost 4am because I wrote it in the wee hours, in the quiet, kind of obsessed with thinking about Castle and Beckett captured in a quiet moment, so it felt right to post it nowwww.

Undercovers (6/6) [Cara/Kahlan]: luckylabels — LiveJournal
    Undercovers (6/6) In which Cara and Kahlan infiltrate a Mord Sith temple to try and retrieve a very ~powerful~ amulet. Will they be able to fool Cara's former sisters for long enough to complete their mission and get out unscathed? Or perhaps the more important question: will Cara be …

How We Move [Castle/Beckett]: luckylabels — LiveJournal
    how we move She’s wearing a see through top and a pair of eyes made liquid, lined in charcoal when he knocks on her door for the first time after . castle/beckett - nc-17 a/n: SPOILERS FOR 5.01! (Sneaks, stills, general spoilery things). For Nancy because weird things make her happy jk jk I …

Slow Hands [Chuck/Sarah]: luckylabels — LiveJournal
    Slow Hands She knows he was about to ask permission, ask her if she is sure that this is okay, but he is touching her in the back seat of their CIA van, barely feet from the rest of their team, and she doesn’t want to be asked. chuck/sarah - nc-17 a/n: Written for PORN BATTLE XI for the prompts…

Young Adult Friction [Cara/Kahlan]: luckylabels — LiveJournal
    Young Adult Friction When it happens, Cara is drunk . Really, really drunk, and Kahlan doesn’t know why, doesn’t even ask. cara/kahlan - r a/n: Written for PORN BATTLE XI for the prompts uncontrolled and doors . Thank you to the endlessly helpful sos10 for the once over! When it happens, Cara is…

Lucky — LiveJournal
    redlabel - the new blog in LiveJournal. There should be new interesting records soon.

Main Page
    The embroidered Lucky Label slogan on the cuff, a structured contour design and zip front detail has become our trademarks. Shop the products: BASICS COLLECTION. Perfect for layering or keeping things simple, with high heels or cute sneakers, let’s face it, you can never have enough basics in your ‘drobe.

Его смерть в возрасте 43 лет потрясла всех - и родных, и ...
    Его смерть в возрасте 43 лет потрясла всех - и родных, и друзей, и коллег. Том Хэнкс сказал ...

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