Lobar Pneumonia Journal

Lobar Pneumonia Journal

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Lobar (croupous) pneumonia: old and new data

    Lobar pneumonia is characterized by acute development and rapid involvement of an entire lobe by the inflammatory process. The main morphological change of the lung is called “hepatization”, an alteration of the pulmonary tissue that is histologically characterized by a dense fibrinous-neutrophilic infiltration of the alveoli.

Pneumonia Pathology - StatPearls - NCBI Bookshelf

    The histopathology in pneumonia can be broadly studied under 2 main headings: bronchopneumonia/lobular pneumonia or lobar pneumonia. Lobar Pneumonia. Lobar pneumonia is diffuse consolidation involving the entire lobe of the lung. Its evolvement can be broken down into 4 stages as follows:


    Osler calls pneumonia the "Captain of the Men of Death," and says it outranks consumption as a cause of death. At the Johns Hopkins Hospital the death rate in pneumonia is about 1 in 4. Of course, many of the patients come to the hospital only when the disease is far advanced and from most unfavorable surroundings.

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