Livejournal Userinfo Table

Livejournal Userinfo Table

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basic user info tables: shatteredtest — LiveJournal
    Basic Tables Info You need 3 different HTML tags to make a table. They are as follows. table - You need one pair per table you create; a table at the very beginning of your table and a /table at the very end. tr - This is a table row tag. Like the name implies, you…
    We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

Userinfo, brackets, bottom nav, tags - LiveJournal
    Name of journal: l_ashes Layout Style: S1 Generator Basic, Paid or Plus: Basic Problem you are having: I have 4 questions, it's kind of long, so it's all behind the cut. (1)Is there a way to change the background and font color for the userinfo on my friends page (the icon/name)? Can I …

carriep63t2 - Profile - LiveJournal
    Simple Tables An important thing to remember when you are using these methods to modify your userinfo: spaces count. When you separate your codes with spaces, they will show up on your userinfo This can make tables look really bad. To avoid this, all of your code must "run together".

HTMLnazis — LiveJournal
    Basically, there's a 1 pixel 32 bit PNG set as the background of the content columns, which is set as white, 85% opaque. The reason for doing this instead of setting 'opacity' or whatever, is so the rest of the content inside the columns (text, images) doesn't become translucent also. Working fine for me so far on Mozilla and Safari (although ...

Layouts — LiveJournal
    layoutspremade - the new blog in LiveJournal. There should be new interesting records soon.

Layout Help — LiveJournal
    This layout was done by a friend I no longer speak to, about a year and a half ago. Another friend of mineshas described it as ‘a combo of CSS and tables’, and says she doesn’t see the code for the header. HERE, as you can see, there is a black void of darkness, where I should be seeing THIS. This is the code.

office layout!: theoffice_us — LiveJournal
    Directions and things to note: 1. Make sure you're using S1. 2. Go to the look and feel page and change everything under Layout to Generator. 3. In the Color Theme area, select Custom Colors and reset all of the colors so that is looks like this. 4. Go to Custom Options.Copy and paste the codes into the overrides textarea. 5.

Customizing your navigation & hiding your ... - LiveJournal
    Customizing your navigation & hiding your icon STEP BY STEP. This override lets you have complete control over the contents of the navigation box at the top of your journal. If you want to remove the navigation box, you want to go here. Anyway, back to this tutorial: it only works in the Generator style for free accounts in S1.

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