Livejournal Pokemon Icons

Livejournal Pokemon Icons

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Pokemon Icons for Everyone! — LiveJournal
    ushitora_icons: 101 Pokemon icons! (also, get a custom icon of your custom trainer!) — 1; taytaychann: Totodile,Croconaw,Feraligatr — 1; kasumisukimix: pokechallenge …

Pokemon Sprite Icons: tmg_icons — LiveJournal
    Hey, everybody! I love the moving Pokemon sprites, so here's Pokemon 1-50 of them in icon form. I plan to make more, but if you have a Pokemon you want, request it! I'll be glad to go ahead and make it so you don't have to wait for it. These are fun to make, so I don't mind a bit. 3 Hope you…

Fall Icon Contest: Rules & Info: pokemon_icons — LiveJournal
    Icon Rules: - Icons must meet standard lj icon guidelines in size. (Must be 100x100 pixels and be 40kbs and below. Icon must be in PNG, JPEG, or GIF format) - The icon must be free of profanity. - The icon must be related to Pokemon in some way. - Icons must not be seen/used on other journals or blogs... or the icon will be disqualified.

Icons #2 [Pokemon]: snowflake_icons — LiveJournal
    Ah, I've been making a lots of Pokemon icons lately and I decided to post it now. :3 All Pokemon fandoms, might contains spoilers for the latest episode. [3] Ash [1] Brock [2] Pikachu and Buneary [10] Dawn [1] Jessie [3] May [2] May and Dawn [6] Wallace [1] …

Ushitora Icons — LiveJournal
    2) Pokemon Amie icons require that you provide me a good photo of what you want iconned. The better the quality of the image you give me, the better the icon you get in return. You will receive in return an icon like this of your pokemon. I will take up …

Sassy_Icons — LiveJournal
    Pokemon icons for your lovin. Also, I plan for another Strawberry Shake Sweet update. I meant to have done one for chapter 15 a long time ago, but haven't gotten around to it. Plus, I really want to color the picture under the cut. I might have to take down Ichi for this. Pokemon [ 30 ] Teasers: ( Collapse )

TMG Icons — LiveJournal
    donald duck, fantasia, gummi bears, horton hears a who, hoshi no kirby, jungle emperor leo, kimba the white lion, kirby, pocahontas, sonic riders, sonic the hedgehog, super smash brothers brawl, tomato adventure, winnie the pooh. pokemastersan. December 16th, 2010, 09:16 pm.

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