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Livejournal Holga

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Holga Lovers — LiveJournal
    holgas - the new blog in LiveJournal. There should be new interesting records soon.

:: HOLGA -
    Holga 120 GCFN Series _____ _____… Holga Spree #3 (CLOSED) Another round of Holga Spree due to high response and request by some buyers. The cameras are ordered from an oversea supplier and is 101% trusted… Colorsplash Flash #2 …

HOLGA INSTOCKS: khloee — LiveJournal
    This Holga Original 0.5x Wide Lens is designed for use on both the Holga 120 and Holga 135 series of cameras. The wide lens designed for use on both the Holga 120 and Holga 135 series of cameras. The lens will "shorten" the focal length of the camera, making it possible to capture a wider scene from the same distance without distorting the image, or not using any fisheye lens.

we pfurr for the holga. — LiveJournal
    the easiest holga to use yet! great for starter photogs and pro alike. more information coloursplash flash use it on any camera with a hotshoe port - even your digitals. cheap flash, great coloured pictures! more information fisheye lens for your holga 135bc. create new perspectives for your photos. more information

Holga Spree #9 (CLOSED): khloee — LiveJournal
    Holga Spree #9 (CLOSED) CURRENT STATUS NO MORE TAKING ANYMORE ORDERS! Feedback Ratings: (+93/-0) spreehouse FB: (+4/-0) spreesgalore FB: (+0/-0) (awaiting for feedbacks in progress) HOLGA 135BC (AS SHOWN ABOVE) Shutter: Leaf shutter, speed 1/100 sec Lens: f/8 47mm Optical Lens Film to be…

Holga Spree #10 (CLOSED): khloee — LiveJournal
    Q: Can I customise my holga? A: If you want to customise your holga, i have a template to create a holga sticker for the whole body ;) Just email me to send you. Priting for a sticker at A4 size should be only $2 at printing shops. It can be easily remove and change. Q: What is a hot shoe adpater and does GCFN has colored flash?

Holga 120 Camera's Prices…: grannysnaps — LiveJournal
    Holga 120 Camera's Prices shipped to Singapore Holga 120 N Black - SGD$ 55 Sample Photos - No Flash - Cross Processing - Normal Processing Holga 120 GN Black - SGD$ 60 Sample Photos - No Flash - With Mini Flash - Cross Processing - Normal Processing Holga…

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    5% for Holga packages** 5% for Instax Cameras 8% for all other cameras (Lego Digital Camera, Eximus, Superheadz Wide&Slim, Golden Half, 2WayVista, etc) 10% for all Holga products include accessories $19 for all Waterproof Cameras (UP: $28) $175 for all Blackbird Fly Cameras (UP: $195) ** Holga Packages - i.e. $154 package will be priced at $146.30)

Your One-stop Lomo Store — LiveJournal
    Instock/Pre-order Holgas (subject to availability) H olga 120 GCFN Black - $75 Coloured - $85 Camo & Tri-Coloured - $90 Holga 135BC Black - $75 Coloured - $80 refer here for colour reference sms me at 9627eight273 or

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