Livejournal Archiver

Livejournal Archiver

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ljArchive, an open source LiveJournal archive tool ...
    ljarchive - the new blog in LiveJournal. There should be new interesting records soon.

GitHub - ghewgill/ljdump: Livejournal archive utility
    ljdump - livejournal archiver This program reads the journal entries from a livejournal (or compatible) blog site and archives them in a subdirectory named after the journal name. The simplest way to run this is to execute the script with Python.

ljdump - livejournal archive
    This program reads the journal entries from a livejournal (or compatible) blog site and archives them in a subdirectory named after the journal name. Both the journal entries and journal comments are downloaded. This program may be run as often as needed to bring the backup copy up to date. Both new and updated items are downloaded.

GitHub - papatangosierra/livejournal-archive-tools
    From, click the Clone or download button. Click Download ZIP Extract the contents of the zip file and copy the getljxml.rb script to a folder where you want your files to be backed up. Then, edit the getljxml.rb file with a …

Download LiveJournal — LiveJournal
    LJArchive is an application that you install on your computer. It downloads all of your LiveJournal entries and stores them in a proprietary file format. It includes all of the pictures and links from the original entries. It also captures all of the comments. LJArchive includes a viewer for your downloaded entries.

Livejournal Layouts Archive: fruitstyle — LiveJournal
    Livejournal Layouts Archive Click on the image to view a live preview. Installation instructions and the CSS code is available on the download pages. I no longer provide support for these layouts. They may not be compatible with recent Livejournal …

Have Mark Zuckerberg's Livejournal posts been archived ...
    Answer (1 of 2): I found some of the posts online. These posts were made by Mark zuckerberg while he was making the facemash website. In “The Social Network” movie some of these posts were mentioned. 28/10/2003 8:13pm. I need to think of something to occupy my mind. Easy enough now I just need ...

Search - LiveJournal
    Browse LiveJournal. Schools Directory. Find people by what school they attend. Explore Feeds. Discover RSS feeds from other sites that can be added to your friends page. FRNK Radio. Listen to streaming voice posts from the LiveJournal community. Random Journal.

daily_lolita EGL Livejournal Archive - Pinterest
    daily_lolita EGL Livejournal Archive daily_lolita EGL Livejournal Archive This is a board dedicated to archiving old posts from the Livejournal blog "daily_lolita". Everything is divided by month and year for reference (Note: some… More · 927 Pins 23w P Collection by Princess Maggie May-August 2007 27 Pins September 2007 24 Pins October 2007

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