Linear Regression Analysis Journal

Linear Regression Analysis Journal

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Linear Regression Analysis -
    Linear regression is used to study the linear relationship between a dependent variable Y (blood pressure) and one or more independent variables X (age, weight, sex). The dependent variable Y must be continuous, while the independent variables may be either continuous (age), binary (sex), or categorical (social status).

Linear Regression Analysis - Articles - Scientific ...
    Linear Regression and Gradient Descent Method for Electricity Output Power Prediction. (Articles) Yuanliang Liao. Journal of Computer and Communications Vol.7 No.12 ,December 16, 2019. DOI: 10.4236/jcc.2019.712004 440 Downloads 962 Views Citations. Isolated Area Load Forecasting using Linear Regression Analysis: Practical Approach.

Full article: Introduction to linear regression analysis
    This is already the fifth edition of ‘Introduction to Linear Regression Analysis’. With 672 pages, it is a very comprehensive introduction to linear regression analysis, with room for …

Linear Regression in Medical Research : Anesthesia & …
    Linear regression is an extremely versatile technique that can be used to address a variety of research questions and study aims. Researchers may want to test whether there is evidence for a relationship between a categorical (grouping) variable (eg, treatment group or patient sex) and a quantitative outcome (eg, blood pressure).

Linear Regression Analysis on the Determinants of ...
    Linear Regression Analysis on the Determinants of Hypertension Prevention Behavior Background: Hypertension is a risk factor for cardiovascular events and the highest contributor to death in the world, including Indonesia. 90.08% of health centers in DI Yogyakarta have im­ple­me­nted integrated non-communicable disease (NCD) control.

A Study on Multiple Linear Regression Analysis - …
    Regression analysis is a statistical technique for estimating the relationship among variables which have reason and result relation. Main focus of univariate regression is analyse the relationship between a dependent variable and one independent variable and formulates the linear relation equation between dependent and independent variable.

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