Legislative Journals

Legislative Journals

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Legislative Journals By State - State Legislative Journals ...

    The Library of Congress maintains print and microform collections of legislative journals for all fifty states. This guide provides guidance for locating these daily proceedings for each state's House and Senate both at the Library and online.

Legislative Journals - State Legislative Documents: A ...

    Legislative Journals in the Library. The Cornell Library Catalog can be useful tools in locating state government legislative materials, particularly state legislative journals because it allows the efficient use of Library of Congress Subject Headings as search terms. Unlike searching by keyword, where any term or wording of a topic can be entered into the computer, …

The Journal of Legislative Studies: Vol 27, No 4 (Current ...

    The Journal of Legislative Studies, Volume 27, Issue 4 (2021) See all volumes and issues. Volume 27, 2021 Vol 26, 2020 Vol 25, 2019 Vol 24, 2018 Vol 23, 2017 Vol 22, 2016 Vol 21, 2015 Vol 20, 2014 Vol 19, 2013 Vol 18, 2012 Vol 17, 2011 Vol 16, 2010 Vol 15, 2009 Vol 14, 2008 Vol 13, 2007 Vol 12, 2006 Vol 11, 2005 Vol 10, 2004 Vol 9, 2003 Vol 8 ...

Browse subject: Legislative journals | The Online Books …

    Legislature. Senate (page images at HathiTrust) A journal of the proceedings of the House of Representatives of the General Assembly of the state of Florida at its eleventh session : begun and held at the capitol, in the city of Tallahassee, on Monday, November 18, 1861., by Florida. General Assembly.

Legislative Studies Quarterly - Wiley Online Library

    The Legislative Studies Quarterly is an international journal devoted to the publication of research on representative assemblies. Its purpose is to disseminate scholarly work on parliaments and legislatures, their relations to other political institutions, their functions in the political system, and the activities of their members both within the institution and outside.

2021 Journals – Idaho State Legislature

    Senate Journal. 66th Idaho Legislature. First Regular Session – 2021. House Journal. 66th Idaho Legislature. First Regular Session – 2021. Final Journal. Final Journal. These are electronic reproductions of the official Senate and House Journals.

Bills (Legislative Documents) and Journals

    Bills (Legislative Documents) and Journals. Browse by. By Issue Date Authors Titles Subjects. Search within this community and its collections: Go The Journals of the House of Representatives of Massachusetts from 1715-1779, published by the Massachusetts Historical Society, are available courtesy of the State Archives. To see these ...

Senate Journals | Minnesota State Senate

    The Journal of the Senate is a record of Senate floor proceedings. Daily session journals will be made available on the web following adjournment each session day. This may occur the same day of session adjournment or the following day. At the end of each calendar year the contents of the daily session journals are compiled to create a published collection of books referred to as …

Illinois General Assembly - Senate Journals

    A Senate Journal is a record reflecting all actions taken on the Senate floor each legislative day. Click Senate Journals to see the types of information included in the journal. To search Senate Journals for the current General Assembly, click here. To view Senate Journals from a previous General Assembly, click here.

Legislation | US News

    US News is a recognized leader in college, grad school, hospital, mutual fund, and car rankings. Track elected officials, research health conditions, and …

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