Legend Of The Seeker Icons Livejournal

Legend Of The Seeker Icons Livejournal

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Legend of the seeker icons: thisisagift — LiveJournal

    Cos i havent posted any in ages, here are some icons of LOTS that i made for the first 3 challenges at lj user=carakahlan_ic (Obviously i didnt use all of them) …

Legend of the Seeker — LiveJournal

    awkward, bates motel, the borgias, hannibal, legend of the seeker, revolution, supernatural, teen wolf, the vampire diaries, vikings, the walking dead, misc ( we are prisoners of fate ) Leave a comment

The Legend of the Seeker (1/1): pristineungift — LiveJournal

    “Legend of the Seeker - In "Fever" Jennsen doesn't return with the antidote for the plague. Richard goes through with his plan to poison himself and use the Boxes of Orden.” A look at how the story might have ended if one key moment was changed. The Legend of the Seeker Richard stood watching the horizon.

Legend of the Seeker Fanfiction — LiveJournal

    Rating: PG-13. Word Count: 1,025. Summary: Richard struggles with the magic of the Sword and his rage within. Originally written for a legendland challenge but I was late in submitting. I like how it came out so I'm posting anyway. My image prompt was submitted by evelyngrace87 Thank you Evie!! <333 :)

King Arthur Icons — LiveJournal

    Icons and Wallpapers. Preview: [1 - 8] Clive Owen. [9 - 12] King Arthur. [13 - 24] Legend of the Seeker. [25 - 28] We Are The Fallen. 2 Banners - We Are The Fallen. 3 Wallpapers - Clive Owen, King Arthur (Lancelot) and Legend of the Seeker (Richard and Cara) Get them in …

Fairytales and Castles — LiveJournal

    Legend of the Seeker Icons (By episode) Part 4 ----Part 1) Destiny (S01E02) ~ 001 - 164 Part 2) Bounty (S01E03) ~ 165 - 396 Part 3) Brennidon (S01E04) ~ 397 - 540

magique_icon — LiveJournal

    -Legend of the Seeker-Leverage-Merlin-Modern Family-Roswell-Supernatural-That '70s Show-The Big Bang Theory I'd prefer if you stick with those because it's easier to me making icons when I'm actually into that show/movie, but you can give me other pictures ;)

Graphics: shaudnly — LiveJournal

    Hi everybody, what's up? I feel really in graphic modd these days, you know, and so, I come back here with my new stuff. Let's check out what's new today. 85 new fandom icons: 35 Legend of the Seeker 20 The L Word: Jenny only ( requested by wistful_nana_o ) 30 Xena the warrior princess 4 …

66 Icons: jenny_01 — LiveJournal

    [ 18 X Criminal Minds ] [ 14 X Jessica Alba ] [ 22 X Legend of the Seeker ] [ 12 X Nicholas Lea ]  Criminal Minds 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 ...

sheepboxes — LiveJournal

    sheepboxes - the new blog in LiveJournal. There should be new interesting records soon.

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