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Leaflass Livejournal

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Dying snakes and leafless trees: davidlubar — LiveJournal

    Dying snakes and leafless trees. My public speaking efforts didn't attract any more attention than my writing. Nobody who didn't already know me said anything to me in the halls. Well, I'd given it a shot. And at least I hadn't written my speech as a sucky poem. Elections were in a week. Guess I'd find out then how my idea worked.

Russian Ridge: pahavit — LiveJournal

    This leafless buckeye is full of seed pods. A deep brown acorn on the trail. Most of the hillsides are dry and exposed to the sun, but a few ferns manage to keep a foothold in a couple of gulches. More dead California asters. Dead annual grasses form a golden carpet on the hillside. The view back up the trail from Alder Springs.

Sometimes, a dying snake is just a dying ... - LiveJournal

    Many hands went up. Including mine. He passed an open book to a kid in the front row. "Read that out loud." The kid started reading this poem about a guy freezing to death up in the Yukon. It was pretty cool. Mr. Franca grabbed another book and handed it to a girl. She read a short, funny poem about a pelican.

Fic: In the Winter Woods: lyricwrites — LiveJournal

    The trajectory, I knew without even trying to visualize it, would put it right at Rory-nose-height. I looked heavenward, very briefly, and that was when someone pasted me in the back of the head with a snowball. I yelped and spun around. The Doctor, of course, grinning like the universe's happiest lunatic.

I said ma'am I am tonight: casual_bubbles — LiveJournal

    The trunks are completely black, and the branches are bone white and leafless. I stopped a moment to take a picture of them with my camera phone, feeling slightly cam-whorish as I did. Anyway, (getting to the actual point of this story, even though the trees were cool) as I continued walking along the gravel road, I noticed this guy sitting ...

Do You Still Remember December's Foggy Freeze?: antoniseb ...

    Here are a few pictures from my trip to the airport through January's Foggy Freeze, with ice that clings on to my beard, and presenting an unusual sensation. Along the way I spotted an unusually large number of large owls perched in the leafless trees. I must have seen at …

Bismarck Tower, Landstuhl: mw_europe — LiveJournal

    Bismarck Tower, Landstuhl Standing up on the hill above Landstuhl is the well-known Bismarck Tower . It's easier to see in the winter when the surrounding trees are leafless; in the summer it's mostly hidden by the leafy trees. During Advent, the City hangs a huge white neon cross on the side, which can be seen at night for miles across the valley.

Poem for Tuesday and Seneca Creek Lights: littlereview ...

    Each autumn flower a dry and leafless stalk, Each mossy field a track of frozen sod. I hear no more the robin's summer song Through the gray network of the wintry woods; Only the cawing crows that all day long Clamor about the windy solitudes. Like agate stones upon earth's frozen breast, The little pools of ice lie round and still;

There's Only One Girl In the World For You (40/?): milady ...

    Title: Theres only one girl in the world for you (40/?) Author: lapacifidora Spoilers: Season 1 and into an AU Season 2 Rating/ Warnings: PG-13, for the time being Word Count: 2,119 Disclaimers: Not mine. Although I think Dan Harmon knows this friend of mine and based Troy on her The…

FIC: The Battle of Canaan's Bluff- Part 1 ... - LiveJournal

    Title: The Battle of Canaan's Bluff, written for the Whispers prompt over at sga_details_fic although I'm posting it here on my LJ because of the length. Pairing: None Rating: T. Word count: ~32, 500 Warning: None Spoilers: None as it's an AU, although there is the…

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