Indian Journal Corrosion

Indian Journal Corrosion

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Indian Journal of Science and Technology
    The major consequence facing all around is that durability concern with respect to corrosion of steel. The premature failures in concrete are caused due to this corrosion of steel. To improve a service life of concrete, corrosion inhibitors have been used as effective measures to inhibit corrosion. ... Indian Journal of Science and Technology ...

An overview of the corrosion aspect of dental implants ...;year=2009;volume=20;issue=1;spage=91;epage=98;aulast=Chaturvedi
    Indian Journal of Dental Research (IJDR) is the official publication of the Indian Society for Dental Research (ISDR), India section of the International Association for Dental Research (IADR). Titanium and its alloys are used in dentistry for implants because of its unique combination of chemical, physical, and biological properties.

Indian Concrete Journal
    The corrosion behavior of rebar in metakaolin and red mud blended concrete exposed to chloride and sulfate solutions U. Raghu Babu, ... INDIAN CONCRETE JOURNAL (ICJ) The ICJ is one of the oldest and most respected journals on civil engineering in India. It has served civil engineering community, cementitious building material manufacturers ...

(PDF) Anisidine isomers as corrosion inhibitor for oil ...
    Indian Journal of Chemical Technology . V ol. 19, May 2012, pp. 173-179 . ... Corrosion potentials, corrosion rates, polarization resistances and inhibition efficiencies were determined. The ...

International Journal of Corrosion | Hindawi
    The Schiff base compounds N,N-bis(salicylidine)-4,4 –diaminostilbene(SDS) and N,N-bis(salicylidine)-4,4-diamino azobenzene(SDA) were synthesized, and their molecular structure was determined by FT-IR and 1H NMR. The corrosion inhibitions of Schiff base compounds on aluminum alloy 2024 in 1 M hydrochloric acid were evaluated by potentiodynamic polarization, …

An overview of orthodontic material degradation in oral ...;year=2010;volume=21;issue=2;spage=275;epage=284;aulast=Chaturvedi
    Romanian Journal of Morphology and Embryology. 2012; 53(4): 935-939 40: Corrosion behavior of titanium wires: An in vitro study: Chaturvedi, T. and Dubey, R. Indian Journal of Dental Research. 2012; 23(4): 479-483 41

Online Publishing @ NIScPR
    Indian Journal of Engineering and Materials Sciences (IJEMS) Started in 1994, it publishes papers in aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering, metallurgical engineering, electrical/electronics engineering, civil engineering, fluid mechanics, instrumentation, and materials science. Impact Factor of IJEMS is 0.881 (JCR 2020).

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