When it comes to developing stories, you may need to collaborate with your peers. If you ever used Slack, you know how conventient it is. But what about security?

Unfortunately, not every tool is made equal. Apps like Slack and Rocket does not feature end-to-end encryption. It means that a third-party somewhere along the way may hand over the chat logs to the authorities when a warrant is produced.

SpiderOak Semaphor is a zero-knowledge collaboration tool that features end-to-end encryption. You can chat and share files with multiple partners on this platform privately, as messages can only be decrypted by your partners.

By following this guide, you will be able to install Sempahor on your PC. You will also learn how you can create a new channel and invite others to join the conversation with you.

Remeber, Semaphor leaves metadata behind. Check our guides out for other means of communication with your sources.

The Semaphor recovery key is the only option to regain access to your team, in case your computer is lost or Semaphor gets uninstalled.

Store your recovery key like on a piece of paper or in a password wallet. Remember, a stolen recovery key can be abused to impersonate you and view your chat history.

Semaphor has two concepts: teams and channels. You can be the member of multiple teams, and each team may have multiple channels. In the following section, we will create your own team.

The next step is to create channels in your team.

To get the conversations going, you need to invite others to your Team and Channel

Your partner is on your team, but he/she is not on the channel yet. You need to invite your partner to the channel first.

Remember the invite you sent to your partner? It featured a long character string. Here is how you can join other teams.

You can either create your channels in the team or wait for your partner to add to an existing channel.

Semaphor also provides mobile apps for smartphones. Once the app is installed, just follow the on-screen instructuctions to link-up the Semaphor app on your PC.

Collaboration platforms also feature end-to-end encryption:

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