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We know that the protection of information sources is paramount. Therefore, we compiled a few practical guides to help you with keeping your sources private.

We recommend to read our guide on threat modeling first, which to choose the appropriate tools matching your scenario.

This page is under heavy development. Check back regularly as we will be adding more guides to this page.

Email Security

Name Leaves Metadata Description
Generating PGP Keys on Windows (1/4) Yes The first part of the series shows the installation and PGP key generation procedures on Windows
Setting up Thunderbird and PGP on Windows (2/4) Yes The second part of the series guides you to install and configure Mozilla Thunderbird as a mailer for sending and receiving encrypted emails
Publishing the Public Key on the Internet on Windows (3/4) Yes The third part of the series shows how you can publish your public key on the Internet including your Twitter account
Sending Encrypted Emails with PGP on Windows (4/4) Yes The last part of the series helps you with sending and receiving your first encrypted email
Setting up PGP on macOS Yes Coming Soon


Name Leaves Metadata Description
Secure Chat With Ricochet No This guide shows the installation process of Ricochet IM that leaves no metadata all over the place
End-to-End Encrypted Video Calls with Wire Yes Ditch Skype for end-to-end encrypted video calls
End-to-End Encrypted Voice Calls and Text Messages with Signal Yes Coming Soon
Secure Team Chat with Semaphor Yes Team collaboration platform: chat and file exchange

File Exchange

Name Leaves Metadata Description
Secure File Exchange With OnionShare No This walkthrough guides you through the installation process of OnionShare that shares files in an ad-hoc manner without leaving metadata
Exchanging Files and Messages with GlobaLeaks No A robust solution to exchange files and messages between information sources and journalists without leaving metadata around

Browsing the Web

Name Description
Using the Tor Browser Coming Soon
Setting up a VPN Coming Soon
Choosing a Safe Search Engine Search engines that do not retain logs and metadata of your queries

File Security

Name Description
Encrypt your Hard Drive with BitLocker Configure full-disk encryption on Windows with BitLocker
Encrypt your USB Drives with BitLocker Add full-disk encryption to your USB hard drives and memory sticks with BitLocker
Storing Files Privately in the Cloud Use end-to-end encryption to keep your files private on cloud-based file storage solutions

Operations Security (OPSEC)

Name Description
Protect Your PC from Backdoors Backdoors monitoring your PC could reveal your sources. Defend your PC from them with anti-malware and anti-exploit software
Compartmentalize Your Work Coming Soon
Is My Phone Compromised? Coming Soon
Protect Your Accounts with Two-Factor Authentication Coming Soon