Edit Layouts Livejournal

Edit Layouts Livejournal

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FAQ - Journal Customization

    If the layout does not provide font settings, it is still possible to adjust the fonts by entering the following codes into the "Custom CSS" section: To change the font in your journal: body, td, font, div, p {font-family: "Arial", sans-serif;} To change the size of your font: body, td, font, div, p {font-size: 12pt;} To change the color of your font:

Theme & Layout Change for Beginners: layout ... - LiveJournal

    It is going to tell you what your current layout theme is.. 2. If it does not say Flexible Squares we will have to change it (if it does go to step 4). Below you will see a bunch of Featured themes. We need to click for All Themes. Change the theme to whatever theme is needed for your layout (ie Smooth Sailing, Expressive, etc). 3.

Livejournal layouts in journals and communities LJ

    livejournal layouts in communities. Found: 258 matches. ainabarad_icons ainabarad_icons 4 months ago. icons, banners, mood themes, wallpaper, layouts, headers, etc. accioamortentia 2 years ago. Bringing graphics you'll love straight to you! mintyapple 2 years ago. design_nika Дизайны Ники 3 years ago.

Layout Help — LiveJournal

    This layout was done by a friend I no longer speak to, about a year and a half ago. Another friend of mineshas described it as ‘a combo of CSS and tables’, and says she doesn’t see the code for the header. HERE, as you can see, there is a black void of darkness, where I should be seeing THIS. This is the code.

Layout Lounge — LiveJournal

    LiveJournal no longer supports Flexible Squares which you'll noticed 99.9% of my layouts are using. So if you like using Flexible Square layouts and are currently using one, DO NOT SWITCH from Flexible Squares because you cannot get back. I'm going to …

Lj Styles :: Layout Style Q&A — LiveJournal

    hello. i have a problem with my community's layout. take a look >>> foodicontest <<< i'm concerned about the look of entries, the icon is touching the text and it looks awful. i was wondering if it's possible to simply hide the icon & username, leaving more space for the text. i have no idea how to do it. could you help me? ( here's the the code i use Collapse )

Custom Header/Layout Tutorial : roxicons — LiveJournal

    It varies depending on what sort of layout you have. Im going to show you two ways of doing it. Step 1: On the top toolbar of livejournal, go to “Journal” and click on “Journal Style” Step 2: Enter "flexible squares" into the search box. Step 3: Choose a …

Welcome to Freelayouts — LiveJournal

    All collections are used to fund Cancer research. Use this free Livejournal Layout if Cancer has impacted your life in some way or another. In return, I simply ask you to spread my message by Reposting (click Repost button below). I encourage you to read my story, and donate to fight back Cancer ($5 to $10 is a generous amount).

LiveJournal Templates | LoveToKnow

    Once they're installed you have to understand how to edit the code to customize it for your needs. With LiveJournal, you simply copy and paste the CSS style code from the site where you found the theme, download any necessary images, and your new LiveJournal template is installed.

twentynine_ — LiveJournal

    EDIT: I have added a mini faq for this layout. EDIT (JULY 27 2008): I've added more to the mini faq. You can now add a header, keep images from breaking your tables, and make your icon appear next to your entries (and make it pretty!). Also, I have made two profile layouts that match this layout. You can view those here.

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