Ear Hears Hearing Journal

Ear Hears Hearing Journal

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Ear and Hearing - Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

    From the basic science of hearing and balance disorders to auditory electrophysiology to amplification and the psychological factors of hearing loss, Ear and Hearing covers all aspects of auditory and vestibular disorders. This multidisciplinary journal consolidates the various factors that contribute to identification, remediation, and audiologic and vestibular rehabilitation.

Ear and Hearing Latest Impact Factor IF 2020-2021 | …

    Journal Impact IF Ranking. · In the Speech and Hearing research field, the Quartile of Ear and Hearing is Q1. Ear and Hearing has been ranked #2 over 60 related journals in the Speech and Hearing research category. The ranking percentile of Ear and Hearing is around 97% in the field of Speech and Hearing.


    Liberman, C. (1997). Audiological Processing in Sensorineural Hearing Loss: What the Ear Tells the Brain. Hearing Loss, March/April, 9-13. This easy to read paper provides an excellent description of how auditory information is “coded” in the …

Effects of Hearing Impairment and Hearing Aid ...

    Dwyer N. Y., Firszt J. B., Reeder R. M. Effects of unilateral input and mode of hearing in the better ear: Self-reported performance using the speech, spatial and qualities of hearing scale. Ear Hear, (2014). 35, 126–136.

Current Issue : The Hearing Journal

    Established in 1947, The Hearing Journal is the leading publication in hearing health care, reaching more than 22,000 hearing healthcare professionals. Each month, the journal provides readers with accurate, timely, and practical information to help them in their practices. Read HJ to find out about the latest developments in patient care, technology, practice management, and …

Headphone Listening Habits and Hearing Thresholds in ...

    Hearing thresholds (17 boys − − − and 33 girls —) for left ear and right ear separately Significant differences were noted for the hearing thresholds when comparing the groups who listen for 0.5–2 h ( n = 43) at every occasion and those who listened for 3 h …

Headphone listening habits and hearing thresholds in ...

    Introduction: The aim of this study was to investigate self-reported hearing and portable music listening habits, measured hearing function and music exposure levels in Swedish adolescents. The study was divided into two parts. Materials and Methods: The first part included 280 adolescents, who were 17 years of age and focused on self-reported data on subjective …

Hearing speech in music Ekström SR, Borg E - Noise Health

    Rhebergen KS, Versfeld NJ, Dreschler WA. Prediction of the intelligibility for speech in real-life background noises for subjects with normal hearing. Ear Hear 2008;29:169-75. 10. Schlittmeier SJ, Hellbrück J, Thaden R, Vorländer M.

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